Thursday, January 15, 2015

What Does Earning Referral Cash and Kindergarten Have in Common?

I have heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, “It’s nice to share.” I feel confident that this sage old advice is something most of us learned at least by Kindergarten.

So, it becomes second nature for us tokids share our favorite things in life.

I would guess that through the years, I have shared hundreds of recommendations to family, friends and others on books to read, videos to watch and places to eat. However, not one single time did the restaurant, movie or book author call to thank me, or better yet, pay me for making a referral.

Well, all of that changes NOW! Off the recommendation of a friend, I visited the MNO Marketplace and I loved it. My whole concept of what it can mean to share was expanded, not just a little, but exponentially. Let me explain – Not only can you shop, save and earn Cashback at thousands of stores (more than 2,500!) you already know, like and trust, you can now share it with others and earn referral cash when they shop.

The MNO Marketplace won’t call you and say thanks, but you can expect MNO to send you a big thank you in CashBack on what you buy and Referral Cash when someone you refer buys.   That right, the MNO Marketplace pays you to shop and it pays you when your friends shop and their friends and their friends and so on.

Getting started is easy. Just click the link below to sign up for free. If you shop from your laptop or pc, you can also activate the CashBack Finder tool. This amazing tool will allow you to easily find savings and CashBack in places you never knew existed. Once set, you can start shopping, saving and earning. After that, I bet you will also want to let others know about the MNO MarketPlace. Why? Because it is just normal to share the things that make our lives better. It is also nice to know that sometimes the best advice life has to offer, we really did learn in kindergarten.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Whose Dream Are You Going to Build?

Do you dream of starting your own business? Want to become your own boss and do what you love for a living?
The truth is dreams come in all shapes and sizes- some big, some small, but no matter their size – they all require focus and commitment.   Unfortunately, most dreams are never seized and often fade into what could have been.   If you don’t build your dream, then most likely someone will hire you to build theirs.
The question becomes, why do some people succeed at making their dreams come true, while others give up or fail? Obviously, the reasons vary, but for most they watch their dreams come and go because start-ups cost too much money, they don’t have the business knowledge or skills, no strategic plan has been developed or they simply don’t have the support or resources needed.
Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad openly touts the network marketing profession and is even known to strongly recommend that all of his employees look into network marketing as their own part-time business. What does Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet all know that led them to not only recommend, but even own their own Network Marketing Companies?
These highly successful entrepreneurs understand trends and growth in any industry. The network marketing profession has continued to grow and even gets stronger during down turned economic times. It is estimated that the industry attracts 175,000 new signups weekly. And, most network marketing opportunities have nominal start-up fees, offer marketing materials, leadership training and all the support you need. It is also projected that the network marketing industry accounts for more than 120 billion each year in the economy. or
So, the reality is that network marketing is a viable business model and can be a wonderful vehicle for many to own their own business. Once you understand and embrace this profession, just like Kiyosaki, Trump and Buffet you can begin the process of finding the one that is right for you.
The person who shared this with you found a home at MyNetworkOne. Yes, MyNetworkOne makes it easy to get started financially, has built in support, as well as,
the leadership and business training needed to succeed. how to go big imageWhat takes MyNetworkOne a step beyond its competition, is that even when someone say’s, “No”, to your business offering, they can still be a part of your business for free. Wait, not just free, they can actually save money and earn money even when they say, “No!” Intrigued? Here’s more about who we are and why we believe that it doesn’t matter if you are seasoned network marketing professional or brand new to this wonderful industry, MyNetworkOne will make you feel right at home.

Here’s How it Works: Unmatched in the marketplace, MyNetworkOne has developed a way for everyone to play through the creation of their one-of-a-kind MarketPlace. As the entry point, the MNO MarketPlace is free to everyone. No sales pitches, no pushiness, no computer nerd knowledge required.
You just invite people to shop where they already shop, buy what they already buy, save money, earn CashBack and earn Referral Cash. So, you are offering everyone, not a way to spend money, but rather to shop, save and earn. And, if someone you invite orders one of the MNO proprietary products (look to your right) as part of their shopping experience, that’s extra income to you.
And, the real game changer is that MyNetworkOne pays Referral Cash. That means that MyNetworkOne pays you to shop and they pay you when your friends shop and their friends and their friends, and so on. Once someone engages in the marketplace, it does the heavy internet lifting, driving behaviors with our CashBack Finder tool and creating a viral experience where it literally pays everyone to share.
If you say “Yes”, and you want to open the gates to multiple income streams, share products and services through a turnkey process in multiple markets, as well as, earn up through 10 generations in the FREE MNO MarketPlace, then click the Learn More button to find out how you can start building toward your dream, big or small.
However, if you are not sure yet, you can still take advantage of the free marketplace and earn CashBack and Referral Cash up to 4 generations. MNO is redefining the playing field for everyone. It is the definition of Go Big or Go to Market anyway.
That’s why MyNetworkOne is known as “The Everybody Wins Network.” Just click on the link below that works best for you to get started.