Thursday, January 15, 2015

What Does Earning Referral Cash and Kindergarten Have in Common?

I have heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, “It’s nice to share.” I feel confident that this sage old advice is something most of us learned at least by Kindergarten.

So, it becomes second nature for us tokids share our favorite things in life.

I would guess that through the years, I have shared hundreds of recommendations to family, friends and others on books to read, videos to watch and places to eat. However, not one single time did the restaurant, movie or book author call to thank me, or better yet, pay me for making a referral.

Well, all of that changes NOW! Off the recommendation of a friend, I visited the MNO Marketplace and I loved it. My whole concept of what it can mean to share was expanded, not just a little, but exponentially. Let me explain – Not only can you shop, save and earn Cashback at thousands of stores (more than 2,500!) you already know, like and trust, you can now share it with others and earn referral cash when they shop.

The MNO Marketplace won’t call you and say thanks, but you can expect MNO to send you a big thank you in CashBack on what you buy and Referral Cash when someone you refer buys.   That right, the MNO Marketplace pays you to shop and it pays you when your friends shop and their friends and their friends and so on.

Getting started is easy. Just click the link below to sign up for free. If you shop from your laptop or pc, you can also activate the CashBack Finder tool. This amazing tool will allow you to easily find savings and CashBack in places you never knew existed. Once set, you can start shopping, saving and earning. After that, I bet you will also want to let others know about the MNO MarketPlace. Why? Because it is just normal to share the things that make our lives better. It is also nice to know that sometimes the best advice life has to offer, we really did learn in kindergarten.

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