Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The New MyNetworkONe Reveal

Special Announcement:
Come take a look at the NEW MyNetworkOne

Over the past few months, we have been quietly (and aggressively) getting ready to take the industry by storm. Now, we’re ready to unveil the
NEW MyNetworkOne!Take at look how much more powerful our business platform has become! 
Here’s a sneak peak at what’s NEW
NEW Affiliate Position at $69.00
We have created a NEW Affiliate position that allows you to offer a way to get started with MNO
at a reduced cost. This NEW position will allow the affiliate to build a marketplace of all 10 levels,
sell all MNO Products and be able to upgrade to a full Agent when the timing is right.
NEW MNO Marketplace
Will allow you to build a community of FREE Shoppers 10 levels deep. With over 2000 stores,
coupon programs, Daily Deals, Amazon Direct and exclusive MNO Products experience the
ultimate online shopping adventure.

NEW MNO Marketplace - Viral Incentivized Sharing Program
Everyone wants to know what’s in it for me and the Incentivized Sharing rewards individuals for
sharing your marketplace with their friends and family. We have taken the NO’s and put them in
your income stream then reward them for heling you build your MNO Marketplace.

NEW MNO Marketplace - Cash Back Toolbar That Rides On Top Of the Search Engines
 We know that changing habits on how you search and purchase items online can be difficult,
with the NEW MNO technology the entire Internet is our Marketplace. We now ride on top of all
the major search engines with our offers, this greatly increases our visibility.

The MNO Cash Back
button even appears in your browser so anytime that someone is online we are there.

New Fundraising Program
You can now place Groups or Organizations in your MNO Marketplace for FREE and help them
reach their fund raising goals while you earn Referral Cash from their shopping experience, up to
10 levels deep.
New FREE Loyalty Program PLUS Our Small Business Funding Program

Learn how the FREE loyalty program can work for small business owners in your area and how you
can cash in on their efforts. Our FastBizLoan247 program can put BIG commissions in your hands
just for driving traffic to certified loan officers and let them do the work.
Multiple Streams of Income:

Also Tele-Medicine, Internet TV/OMNIBOX, Taxbot and MNO Travel will give you the opportunity
to earn Multiple Streams of Income from one company.
Coming October 1st

The MNO Marketplace goes live on over 7 million OMNIBOX /Internet TV’s around the world.
Learn how this relationship will help your business as we make
MyNetworkOne a household name.

Join us Thursday evening at 8:00 PM EST to see why everyone thinks MyNetworkOne is NOW the
hottest business opportunity available.

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Join us and see why we are “The Everybody Wins Network”

Kevin A Thompson Bronze Executive Agent