Friday, December 19, 2014

MyNetworkOne The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Rod Wortham of MyNetworkOne just announce OminiBox TV has place MNO Marketplace in every Set Top Box thats over 10 million this is history making for a New MLM and Direct Sales company to have the honor.

What does this mean to MyNetworkOne and our Agents recognition visibility, branding,  Leads, Customers, Customers and more Customers

MyNetworkOne didn't just stop there, MyNetworkOne just announce a opportunity to help everyone grow their business. while most businesses slow down durning the Holiday our business picks up we,ve over 2500 merchants over 3 million products and services that help our free members save money and make money by our CashBack program and Referral CashBack program starting at the age of 13 years old
December Promotion

Every Agent who sells a My1Stop Package will receive two Free My1Stop Package.... What a way to build a great business opportunity by giving a blessing to others.....

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