Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome To The New MyNetworkOne

At MyNetworkOne, we believe that we are impacting the lives of individuals…driving better ideas for our businesses and serving communities with programs that make a difference.

The evolution of MyNetworkOne has been nothing short of amazing.  And, while we have grown and provide more than ever before…the heartbeat of who we are has not wavered.

We share CashBack Reward and CashBack Referral to our Free Members up to 4-8 generation

We help people save money on things they already buy and we help them earn money by making it easy to share with others.

These two premises, while simple in nature, are extremely powerful…

As you move through our corporate website or ultimately our MNO MarketPlace, you will notice that the foundation of these two values, weave into everything that we do.

As a Consumer, you can save, earn and share in our MarketPlace with our more than 2,300 stores, as well as, harness the power of the internet with our CashBack Tool Bar.  We also offer Residual Referral Cash – something that you won’t find in any other marketplace on the internet today.

As a Business, you will be able to tap into a program that was specifically designed to meet the needs and address the pressing issues that nearly every small business owner faces.

In one of the most  unique initiatives you will find, MyNetworkOne offers non-profit, churches, schools, organizations, etc. a fundraising platform that is unequaled by any other program that exists.

MyNetworkOne is a business opportunity for those who want to earn income from home on a full-time or part-time basis. The MyNetworkOne business model embraces the power that can can come from multiple streams of income. With leadership training, marketing support and turn-key solutions, we believe that anyone who chooses to plug into the MyNetworkOne system  can succeed.

Our core team shares a passion for helping others and brings their expertise and servant leadership to MyNetworkOne

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