Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do You Love Sharing a Great Deal?

If you’d rather talk about a great bargain on something you bought
rather than the weather, politics or what to make for dinner, we’re a
lot alike.  Sharing a great deal let’s people know you’re a smart
shopper and tells them you care.

In the last few years many business opportunities say, “Don’t sell the product, just share the product.” With all due respect they’re not exactly being truthful.

They say it because they want you to believe once people see the
product they’ll automatically want to buy without asking for a sale or
“closing.”  They also say it to avoid the dreaded “S” word: selling.  Selling and being pushy turns off most home-based entrepreneurs in a big way.

MyNetworkOne has business opportunity where you honestly
don’t sell.  You give something away.  Yes, you read that right.  You
give away the coolest Membership on the internet that makes it easier to
get to all the places you love online.  Imagine having your products being seen on the 1st pages on all the top search engines...

It gets even better when you click on the Hot Deals or Promo Codes.
They’re ever-changing bargains from the top daily deal partners. You make money
when people find a daily deal they like and buy something they would
have bought anyway – at a lower price.  You can also make money when
other people share the MNO Membership they get CashBack rewards and you get cashback referral reward up to 10 levels.

That’s why MyNetworkOne is called “The Everybody Wins Network.”

I love sharing an awesome value and a helpful, fun, well-organized tool like the MyNetworkOne Membership.  What’s better than free?
When it’s coupled with a fantastic opportunity to make money by sharing
it with others without selling, it’s like a one-two, win-win punch for

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