Saturday, November 8, 2014

CashBack Button That Keep On Giving

Can Something You Give Away Make You Rich?

Let’s be honest.  You know money is tight for millions of people. The economy is slowly limping back to health. However, people still won’t spend money on over-priced products and services they don’t want or need.
There’s a long-standing marketing strategy on the internet that if you offer a free giveaway, people will want to buy something from you.  It’s called reciprocity. Do a good turn for me and I’ll do something nice for you.  The challenge now is what’s usually given away is free information.
Truth is we’ve grown so overwhelmed we don’t value information the way we used to when it was scarce. Millions of people won’t even open a freebie sent to their inbox because 80 percent of emails go unopened.
Is it possible to give something away and actually make money?  Yes, if you’re an Agent with MyNetworkOne or Customer.

The MyNetworkOne business opportunity is built around a free membership you share with others.  You invite people to make it their own. It’s free, completely web-based and customizable. Fill it up with your favorite shopping sites,  It’s your fun, easy-to-use gateway to everything you love about the internet. And you have the most innovative tool call the cash back button


Even if you forget to go to the MNO Marketplace first, the MNO Icon and CashBack indicator will let you know when additional savings are available.  Even in a general google search, you will know when CashBack can be earned.  This literally makes the whole internet open to you for saving and earning.  It doesn’t matter if you need a local plumber, a night out of the town and or get away weekend, the CASHBACK Activation is working for you.   Click below for your Free Marketplace

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