Saturday, November 15, 2014

The New MyNetworkOne

The NEW MyNetworkOne...
If you have not taken the time to look at the NEW MyNetworkOne, then now is the time. The NEW website is now live and it clearly highlights the many ways you can earn with MyNetworkOne.  Our unique business model harnesses what it truly means to offer Multiple Streams of Income all from one company with a onetime enrollment charge and low monthly fee. No longer do you need to belong to several opportunities to take advantage of the earning power that comes from a true Multiple Streams Income concept. In fact, at MyNetworkOne we offer over 10 different ways for you to earn.
What makes the MNO Marketplace different?
Referral Cash. Would you prefer to earn CashBack on just your personal purchases or would you also like to earn Referral Cash on your friends and their friends for as many as 10 generations, all part of your community tree? A Community Tree that can grow as wide and as big you dare to imagine.

Here are some of the Multiple Streams of Income included in your MyNetworkOne membership!

MNO Marketplace: CashBack and Referral Cash from over 2300 stores
MNO Closeout Zone: Opening In November
MNO Plus Card: Tele-Medicine program open 24/7
Travel Zone: 2 and 3 Night Getaways, 7 Night Condo Resort Access
OmniBox: Internet TV - the future of Smart TV
MNO Entertainment Card: Discounts on Dining, Movies, Sporting Events, Recreation and more

PLUS our MNO1Stop programs designed for Businesses and Fundraising:
Biz1Stop: Includes a Loyalty Program, Health Care and Consumer Financing solutions
Fund1Stop: The NEW way to raise and earn residual dollars for your favorite cause.
To learn more about the evolution of MyNetworkOne, don't forget to join us on our weekly business calls every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9 pm.  
Welcome to the NEW MyNetworkOne…
NEW MyNetworkOne Website:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

CashBack Button That Keep On Giving

Can Something You Give Away Make You Rich?

Let’s be honest.  You know money is tight for millions of people. The economy is slowly limping back to health. However, people still won’t spend money on over-priced products and services they don’t want or need.
There’s a long-standing marketing strategy on the internet that if you offer a free giveaway, people will want to buy something from you.  It’s called reciprocity. Do a good turn for me and I’ll do something nice for you.  The challenge now is what’s usually given away is free information.
Truth is we’ve grown so overwhelmed we don’t value information the way we used to when it was scarce. Millions of people won’t even open a freebie sent to their inbox because 80 percent of emails go unopened.
Is it possible to give something away and actually make money?  Yes, if you’re an Agent with MyNetworkOne or Customer.

The MyNetworkOne business opportunity is built around a free membership you share with others.  You invite people to make it their own. It’s free, completely web-based and customizable. Fill it up with your favorite shopping sites,  It’s your fun, easy-to-use gateway to everything you love about the internet. And you have the most innovative tool call the cash back button


Even if you forget to go to the MNO Marketplace first, the MNO Icon and CashBack indicator will let you know when additional savings are available.  Even in a general google search, you will know when CashBack can be earned.  This literally makes the whole internet open to you for saving and earning.  It doesn’t matter if you need a local plumber, a night out of the town and or get away weekend, the CASHBACK Activation is working for you.   Click below for your Free Marketplace

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome To The New MyNetworkOne

At MyNetworkOne, we believe that we are impacting the lives of individuals…driving better ideas for our businesses and serving communities with programs that make a difference.

The evolution of MyNetworkOne has been nothing short of amazing.  And, while we have grown and provide more than ever before…the heartbeat of who we are has not wavered.

We share CashBack Reward and CashBack Referral to our Free Members up to 4-8 generation

We help people save money on things they already buy and we help them earn money by making it easy to share with others.

These two premises, while simple in nature, are extremely powerful…

As you move through our corporate website or ultimately our MNO MarketPlace, you will notice that the foundation of these two values, weave into everything that we do.

As a Consumer, you can save, earn and share in our MarketPlace with our more than 2,300 stores, as well as, harness the power of the internet with our CashBack Tool Bar.  We also offer Residual Referral Cash – something that you won’t find in any other marketplace on the internet today.

As a Business, you will be able to tap into a program that was specifically designed to meet the needs and address the pressing issues that nearly every small business owner faces.

In one of the most  unique initiatives you will find, MyNetworkOne offers non-profit, churches, schools, organizations, etc. a fundraising platform that is unequaled by any other program that exists.

MyNetworkOne is a business opportunity for those who want to earn income from home on a full-time or part-time basis. The MyNetworkOne business model embraces the power that can can come from multiple streams of income. With leadership training, marketing support and turn-key solutions, we believe that anyone who chooses to plug into the MyNetworkOne system  can succeed.

Our core team shares a passion for helping others and brings their expertise and servant leadership to MyNetworkOne

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do You Love Sharing a Great Deal?

If you’d rather talk about a great bargain on something you bought
rather than the weather, politics or what to make for dinner, we’re a
lot alike.  Sharing a great deal let’s people know you’re a smart
shopper and tells them you care.

In the last few years many business opportunities say, “Don’t sell the product, just share the product.” With all due respect they’re not exactly being truthful.

They say it because they want you to believe once people see the
product they’ll automatically want to buy without asking for a sale or
“closing.”  They also say it to avoid the dreaded “S” word: selling.  Selling and being pushy turns off most home-based entrepreneurs in a big way.

MyNetworkOne has business opportunity where you honestly
don’t sell.  You give something away.  Yes, you read that right.  You
give away the coolest Membership on the internet that makes it easier to
get to all the places you love online.  Imagine having your products being seen on the 1st pages on all the top search engines...

It gets even better when you click on the Hot Deals or Promo Codes.
They’re ever-changing bargains from the top daily deal partners. You make money
when people find a daily deal they like and buy something they would
have bought anyway – at a lower price.  You can also make money when
other people share the MNO Membership they get CashBack rewards and you get cashback referral reward up to 10 levels.

That’s why MyNetworkOne is called “The Everybody Wins Network.”

I love sharing an awesome value and a helpful, fun, well-organized tool like the MyNetworkOne Membership.  What’s better than free?
When it’s coupled with a fantastic opportunity to make money by sharing
it with others without selling, it’s like a one-two, win-win punch for