Friday, August 8, 2014

MyNetworkOne Free Fundraising Program

My name is  Anthony and I live in Florida. I am a representative of a company based out of Florida called MyNetworkOne. I am sending you this letter in hopes of helping your organization take advantage of a Fundraising Program unlike anything you have done before.
Raising funds for any organization can be very challenging in today’s economy. People are finding it more difficult to come up with extra money to support their cause. The fact is that in the year 2014 organizations are open to looking for a unique and different way of raising funds.
I just want to take a few minutes and explain what we do at MyNetworkOne and how it can generate funding for your organization. At MyNetworkOne we show Fundraisers how to earn residual monthly revenue by simply giving away our product for FREE. We give away an Online FREE Savings Membership which allows your supporters to earn Cash Back when they shop online at the MNO Marketplace Cash Back Mall. When your supporters invite their friends and family to experience the MNO Marketplace they also get a percentage of the Cash Back from their friends as well through our referral program. Our MNO Online Marketplace currently has over 1000 of your favorite retailers all in one location. We also have over 3000 Daily Deals aggregated into our Marketplace daily from Groupon, Living Social, and Crowd Savings, all 50-85% off. There is also a Travel section with great Travel Deals and a Benefits section where we offer Internet TV, Telemedicine, and a Taxbot Tax Saving App. All these savings in one location and it is FREE.
Your organization gives away access to the MNO Online Marketplace for FREE. When your supporters shop and save money your organization gets a percentage of their Cash Back and a percentage of all of their friend’s Cash Back through our MNO Community Tree. When their friends share the Membership with their friends, and they share it with their friends, and so on your organization gets paid. We pay the Fundraising a percentage of the Cash Back for 4 generations of referrals in your MNO Community Tree which could potentially be hundreds and thousands of people. At MyNetworkOne we are proud to say that we have the best prices online. And, through the relationships that we have with our affiliate partners, we currently have millions of items available in the MyNetworkOne Online Marketplace.
I would like to introduce you to a short Presentation that will introduce you to what MyNetworkOne has to offer your Fundraising Organization

  After you watch this short 15 minute recorded presentation I would like to schedule a short phone conference call to discuss this matter further. I have the blueprint that can help your organization earn income monthly like never before, all by giving away a product for FREE.
I look forward to speaking with you soon. 863-800-0819 or

Kevin Anthony Thompson
Bronze Executive of MyNetworkOne

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