Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Would You Build The Perfect Business

The Perfect Business, if you able to start a Home Based Business would you builds it around technology? Then centered on connecting and delivering and all you would have to do is share. It would be free to the user and the user would have total control over their Interactive customizable homepage and mobile app. The homepage would include their favorite Social Media, Emails, Entertainment, News, Games and more.... Have you wondered how Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn got so big? Facebook has over 1 Billion users and is worth around 104 Billion
Twitter has over 500 million users and is worth around 10 Billion and LinkedIn has over 200 million users and is worth around over 20 Billion

I even ask myself how much money have I made from those gains. Of course the answer was none and I am pretty positive I am not the only one

 You see we all have contributed to their success because of us sharing a free homepage or mobile app. So the perfect business is to share a free homepage that is center around helping everyone save time and money  they call it the perfect storm and this time when we share this homepage and mobile app you can  get paid and profit like the big three do right now......