Thursday, August 29, 2013

MyNetworkOne Offers System To Earn And Save Money

MyNetworkOne offers a simple turnkey system and a home based business opportunity that makes it easy to save money and make money online by sharing with others. Does this seem hard to believe? It is true!
This is not a get rich quick scheme. You do need to work any home based business but this one is easy and fun to work. And, you are not spending more money or doing anything you don’t already do. Shop as you always shop but if you shop with MyNetworkOne you get big savings. Share MyNetworkOne just like you would share anything of value or anything you like with others. You just get to earn money for sharing when others purchase on the Homepage you shared with them.
MyNetworkOne Offers Daily Deals
MyNetworkOne offers instant access to hundreds of Daily Deals on your free Interactive Homepage. All the top deal sites are in one easy to access location. You can search locally or nationally or search from our product categories on literally anything that you were already going to buy! Then you save big on deals with deep discounts from 50% to 85% off retail prices.
The Best Deal Finder (my BDF) will assist you by saving you hundreds of dollars on things you were already going to buy. It’s simple to use, type in the item that you are looking for and the BDF instantly searches the entire Internet to find you the best deal!
No more searching on individual sites and then trying to compare deals. And, when you share the Homepage of MyNetworkOne with others you can make money on the same purchases they are saving money on….WOW!
MyNetworkOne Interactive Homepage
You may be asking yourself ‘What All Can I Do From MyNetworkOne Interactive Homepage?’ The Homepage is totally customizable for the user by the user. This is just a few things this customizable Homepage will be able to offer you:
Access to thousands of online dealstodays deals
Win cool monthly prizes
Online Calendar
Up to date RSS Feeds
Live News, Sports, Entertainment
My own Pin Board
Customize the look
Play hundreds of online games
Post to my Social Media sites
Favorite sites
And, so much more…..
MyNetworkOne Is A Turnkey System To Make Money Online
What is so great about MyNetworkOne is that is a turnkey program for a one time set up fee of $169 and a low monthly fee of $34.95. You get full training and support and back office reports to run your business. You experience amazing deals and savings on products you already purchase.
You can share the Homepage and Mobile App with others and when they make purchases they save and you earn on their purchases! Plus it gets better…because as people save money they will want to know how they can also start their own online business. So, you have the opportunity to build a team with MyNetworkOne along with earn residual income. No wonder they call this the “The Everyone Wins Network”!

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