Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Value Piece of Real Estate 

The value piece of Real Estate is the screens on computers and mobile 

phones, iPads, you and I have help built some of the most valuable piece of 

Real Estate for major Global companies that give away
their product in the 

world for free and now it’s time for us to get a piece of the American Dream 

more and more consumers have shifted spending from physically driving to 

Department stores now to retail and travel websites thanks to lower prices, 

greater convenience, broader selection and greater product information. We 

now have a Bright Future for Daily Deals with companies like Groupon, and 

LivingSocial and many more its booming the Daily Deal market is estimate to 

be a Six Billion dollar Market by 2015 Google Boss says the entire world will 

be online by 2020 shopping online has grown from 23 percent now to over 38 

percent there is going to be dramatic growth rates in Mobile share traffic 

across the world is estimated growth will be at 162.73% worldwide in two 

years. You see 81 percent of American Adults use the internet and 78 percent 

look for information and another 71% buy products and of course 65 percent 

of Americans buy or make reservation for travel,and all we have to do is 

share a F-R-E-E customizable Homepage/Mobile App and our Better Deal 

Finder to Friends, Family and Co-Workers and they will save time on what 

this homepage can do for them and money on over 5000 to 6000 Daily Deals 

you will begin to see how convenient and powerful this free interactive 

MyNetworkOne homepage can be to your daily life and daily activities to 

learn more about becoming a Agent

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