Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Deals Way of Shopping Revolution

You Get in on the Daily Deal way of Shopping Revolution

It’s crazy.  A few years ago we discovered a brand new way of shopping for products and services called daily deals.  The companies most known for daily deals are Groupon and Living Social. Both skyrocketed to dizzying heights of success in just a few short years. Honestly, wouldn’t you have loved a little piece of that pie?
My first purchase on a daily deal was half price on a massage. Like countless millions of other people, since then I’ve purchased daily deals at restaurants, salon services, even a hot air balloon ride.
It’s a win-win-win.  The business gets a new customer. Customers get an amazing deal, and, the daily deal company is making money hand over fist.
Now there’s a whole new way of accessing great daily deals and you can get in on the growth of this exploding, new opportunity.
It’s called MyNetworkOne.  An easy-to-use, cutting edge homepage you can tailor to provide a customized portal into everything you love about the internet. No downloading, everything is web-based.
Behind the “Best Daily Deals” banner you’ll find an array of great daily deals.  They’re always changing and they represent outstanding deals on products and services, locally and online. MyNetworkOne also features the best web-based price comparison app on the internet.
Here’s what you do: you give away the MyNetworkOne homepage. No selling required – give it away. When people buy something they would’ve bought anyway you get paid.
Encourage others who want in on the revolution to give away homepages and you get paid again.  It’s so easy it’s almost unfair.
Since studies reveal over 80 percent of emails are never opened, what’s great about MyNetworkOne’s Best Daily Deals is that they’re found every day on your homepage not in your inbox.
Want to learn more about this exciting opportunity? Click the link below and watch a quick video for more information and details. You can finally get your piece of the daily deals pie: with MyNetworkOne.

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